Frontier Fortress

Frontier Fortress

Request & Solution:

This client approached us with a request to help them define their brand and develop an identity that would properly represent their freshly defined brand. The first approach we took was to help Frontier Fortress was to plan a Brand Mapping Workshop so that we all could better define the core values of their brand. After a successful Brand Mapping Workshop we were able to move forward with the development of a new identity, icons and collateral pieces.


The new identity represented their uniquely different approach to building custom tiny homes. While most are trailer based their homes are true homes built on sturdy foundations. Each house is custom designed and built using all natural products and USA products. The new identity represents their love of nature, the solid structure their homes and the craftsmen ship of their custom designed and hand built homes.



The Brand Mapping Workshop took place in Frontier Fortress’s workshop which was an old saw mill in Dubois, WY. The workshop opened up great conversation amongst the partners of the business, their business associates from the local community, and my design team. Topics included brand core values, mission, goals, customer target markets, brand identity and application of overall brand throughout the entirety of the business. The final results were clearly defined brand values, mission and goals, clarity on potential customer markets to explore and a better direction on what the overall identity should represent. With all the information being represented in a visual element, their mood board.


Project Details:

Jake Bartholomew


Frontier Fortress


Brand Mapping , Graphic Design , Identity , Logos

A new kind of Tiny House is being created on the eastern edge of the Continental Divide, where the Badlands meet the forest of the Rocky Mountains in Dubois, Wyoming.