HogJim Musical Imports

HogJim Musical Imports
Request & Solution:

The client was looking for clarity to their brand. They had a logo and basic packaging already designed, but had no story to tell and in their words “no substance” to them. There was also a need for a concept and design of a counter top point of purchase selling piece to be placed in local music stores.

In order to help the client better define their brand we invited Hogjim to participate in a branding workshop where he was able to visually define (creating a mood board) what his company stands for, what the company’s target market looks like, and how to further use his visual identity to best represent his overall brand. In short we helped him define his brand’s story.

The second project we worked on for Hogjim was the point of purchase selling piece. With help from the now established brand we were able to conceptualize, design and help produce his new point of purchase packaging system to help present his products in the most effective way possible.



The third project we worked on for Hogjim was to develop some collateral pieces to be used at trade shows.

Hogjim Poster-Large

Banner: 72×31


Handout: 6×4.25

Project Details:

Jake Bartholomew


Hogjim Musical Imports


Brand Mapping , Graphic Design , Packaging Design

Hogjim: maker of guitar pick holders and straps